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by Itay Blaish | 13.08.15

Welcome to the #telavivianillustrators series of questionnaires.
From September 3rd until September 12th,  Tel Aviv will celebrate its Illustration week – presenting illustration exhibitions all over the city’s galleries, art-compaunds and other spaces.

Here is your opportunity to meet through short questionnaires the most interesting Israeli and Telavivian illustrators.

Meet Osnat Feitelson, 31, Originally from Jerusalem.
Lives and works in Tel Aviv.


Current job and position: Freelance Illustrator

Education: Studied figurative painting at the Jerusalem Studio School, Art history at the Hebrew University and graduated with a bachelor of design from the Shenkar College. (Studied illustration) 

Describe your style in 3 words: Minimalist, Animal, Screen-print.



What is the reason you started illustrating?

I’ve always loved to draw, since I can remember myself I was telling stories and drawing them on sheets of paper. As children, my brother and I  grew up in the United States and we had a lot of beautifully illustrated American children’s books that I would read over and over (my mom still keeps them to this day), and I think that they really influenced me to turn to illustration and may have also influenced my style.




What inspires you?
Mostly animals and nature (I love watching the BBC’s Planet Earth and I collect Natural Geographic magazines)

Who inspires you?
My Parents. Although we chose very different paths in life they’ve inspired me to make my hobby and the thing that I love to do – my proffession.

Preferred technique: Screen Printing.







Favourite illustrator/artist: There are many, but for nostalgic reasons I would say Robert McCloskey.

Dream Job? Illustrating is my dream job, but if I had to choose something else then I would very much like to be an astronaut.

Best animated show on TV nowadays: Adventure Time.

Best animated movie of all times? The Jungle Book.

Top 3 Israeli illustrators: David Polonsky, Asaf Hanuka, Assaf Benharroch.







Top 5 favorite things in life: Spending time with the people I love, my cat, dancing, staring at things that are endless (like the ocean or the sky), avocado. 

Hobbies & Interests:I love watching documentaries, listening to 90’s trash music, planning imaginary trips, drawing animals and screen printing for fun.

Who would you like to answer the next Telavivian Illustrators questionnaire? Dafna Freidenreich

Webpage: // Facebook: osnat.feitelson


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