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by Itay Blaish | 14.06.15

YONIL is a graphic designer / illustrator / artist currently living and working from Tel-aviv, He also participated in my Telavivian illustrators article series.

He works mainly with the music and fashion industry and his clients include acts like Amanda Palmer, Asaf Avidan, Boom Pam, Balkan Beat Box, Cults etc.

YONIL also runs and designs his own t-shirt brand under the same name.

This is his first real solo-exhibition – BURNOUT / a yonil nightmare

YONIL says: “Although 5 years in the business isn’t necessarily a long time – lately I’ve been facing a lot of questions and thoughts about relevancy in the design world, and about experiencing lack of muse and ideas in a world so flooded with talent.

How long can I keep this up?
Will my passion for creating die eventually?
When’s the end?
Some sort of a slow nightmare and fear of the end and that may or may not arrive.
“I wanted to share my nightmare with you”.

The exhibition will include 14 new prints, depicting personal thoughts, wishes and fear of ending in the form of a linear dream.
ll works will be offered for sale.
In addition – small copies of the works will be sold.
A t-shirt with the exhibitions artwork will also be available along with the full YONIL collection.

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