First Israeli street stickers exhibition

by Itay Blaish | 05.06.15

After the Success of NEONZ exhibition, The Prettimes collective is happy to invite you the first Israeli street stickers exhibition – STICKERZ! at the Meshuna gallery
Prettimess is a Young and small collective that was founded almost a year ago by few creatives from the Israeli alternative sport, urban art and music scene. Their goal is to promote “culture for the people” by making exhibitions, parties and alternative events in order to reveal young and talented culture activists.

The exhibition will show and sell a big collection of street stickers made over the years and new ones by 31 local and talented artists, some well known and some newer in the illustration and street art scene of Tel-Aviv.

Every Artist has made a sticker package of his own art and style.
The STIKERZ will be up for sale for amazing affordable prices – between 5-35 NIS.

As part of the gallery’s installation, The stickers will be shown on real road signs and on limited edition of handmade skateboards by Dasilva Boards.
Dasilva have asked 10 artists out of the 31 to design a special big sticker that will be sticked to the boards and will be for sale as well.

Foma, Pilpeled, UNTAY, Work Hard Be Nice, Elna, Gab, Dioz, Arnol, Dede, Tapelkap, Signor Gi, Wonky Monkey, Mootale, Deedee, Jonathan Katav, Minks, Gelada, Daniel Wessiek, Shanyasmin, Go-tam, Mor Eliezri, Mariana raskin, Noa Goffer, Tom Melnick, Osnat Feitelson, Miki Mottes, Eyal Taub, Shachar Bechor, Dar Fischer, Lior Bentov.


Hertzel 112 st. Tel Aviv, Meshuna gallery

Saturday, ONE DAY ONLY

Facebook Event


STICKERS official invitation STICKERZ-teaser-dar-b STICKERZ-teaser-dioz STICKERZ-teaser-foma STICKERZ-teaser-gelada STICKERZ-teaser-lior STICKERZ-teaser-pilpeled STICKERZ-teaser-shachar STICKERZ-teaser-untay STICKERZ-teaser-whbn STICKERZ-teaser-yonil Stickers-boards-teaser01-DIOZ Stickers-boards-teaser01-ELNA Stickers-boards-teaser01-GAB Stickers-boards-teaser01-PILPELED Stickers-boards-teaser01-UNTAY



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