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by Itay Blaish | 21.04.15

This evening marks the beginning of Yom Hazikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day for fallen soldiers). I was thinking that maybe it’s best not to post anything today, but then while thinking about it, I remembered Gidon Levin, one of the only Israeli artists I know who manages to take out the banal and boring visuals of the army/soldier life and puts it in a new context.

The main thing I love about his work are the aesthetics, he is clean and forward and his message is not about the state of war, it’s about the state of the soldier as a person, as a being.

Meet Gidon Levine, born in Ukraine, 1983.

Gidon says that since he served in the paratroopers brigade of the IDF as a soldier, he felt the need to fixate and capture images and aesthetics of the army service and his memories of it.

Gidon is a graduate of the photography department of Bezalel school of arts (Jerusalem)

He splits his work into two areas:
His artworks and his studio 181 for architecture photography.

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