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by Itay Blaish | 15.04.15

Full name: Sari Anne Cohen

Age: 36

Originally born in France, grew up in the United States, and lives today in Tel Aviv.

Profession: Illustrator
Current job and position: Freelance illustrator
Education: Shenkar – Illustration, Washington University – English Literature & Biology

Describe your style in 3 words: Colorful, conceptual, lumpy

What is the reason you started illustrating?
As a kid my first love was stories and reading. I started drawing around junior high, but eventually decided not to go to art school and I studied Englsih literature in college and worked in writing. When I moved to Israel suddenly writing didn’t have the same communicative power anymore (since I couldn’t write in Hebrew) and I naturally started drawing more and more. After a few years I decided to go back to school to study illustration, which is a thrilling mix of narrative and visual.

What inspires you?: water, learning languages, nostalgia, stories, women, music
Preferred technique: A mix of ink, pencil and digital.
Favorite illustrator/artist: It changes every few days, right now Jonas Wood and Jacob Lawrence
Dream Job? Getting flown somewhere to paint a mural.

Best animated show on TV nowadays: I don’t have a TV so I’m not really sure whats on…
Best animated movie of all times? Er, to be honest I haven’t seen that many. When I was kid I liked the Sword in the Stone.
Top 3 Israeli illustrators:  There’s tons of talent out there. I don’t like to rank people but a few I like are Nadav Weisman, A+T Hanuka, Igor Tepikin, Noam Weiner and so many more.

Top 5 favorite things in life: lakes, the color yellow, Noam (my partner), architectural blueprints, the Wire, D’Angelo
Hobbies & Interests: building things, carpentry, bike riding, illustration and comics, swimming, NPR


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