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by Itay Blaish | 08.04.15

Full name: YONIL
Age: 32

Originally from Holon, Israel and lives today in Tel Aviv, Israel

Profession: Artist, illustrator and graphic designer
Current job and position: Freelance illustrator, graphic designer and owner of the YONIL clothing store.
Education: 2009 Graduate of H.I.T. Holon, Israel, department of Visual Communication.

Describe your style in 3 words:
bold, graphic, layered

What is the reason you started illustrating?
I started drawing at a very early age. Mom is a graphic design graduate from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem so it kinda ran in the family… But if we’re talking what exactly got me to realize that this is what I absolutely HAVE to do with my life – it’s music and everything about it – Gig posters, album covers, band t-shirts, vinyls and all that stuff that accompanies the music itself.

What inspires you?
Well music obviously, bands, musicians, songs, gigs. but also my surroundings, the city I live in, other artists, stuff I see online. Seeing works I love by other artists and designers definitely makes me motivated to work on new stuff.

Who inspires you?
There is no specific person that inspires me. it can be a friend telling me a joke, it can be a student that just posted his awesome project on facebook, it can be a street artist’s work I pass by on the street and it might be a songwriter who’s poem just blew my mind. it’s all about what makes an idea be born in my head – no one way to do it.

Prefered techniques:
I’d usually sketch a bit in the notebook or on my wacom before starting something but I do most of my work in photoshop and using scanned textures I collected over the years.

Favourite illustrator/artist: I’m pretty hooked on Invisible Creature’s work. The Brothers Don and Ryan Clark pretty much reflect everything I love doing in my works.
Dream Job? I just hope I can continue developing the YONIL Store even more and taking it to further levels. other than that I’m pretty much happy with what I do I think.

Best animated show on TV nowadays: Rick and Morty.
Best animated movie of all times? Kung Fu Panda or The Lion King.
Top 3 Israeli illustrators: Assaf Benharroch, Dekel Hevroni, Ella Cohen

Top 5 favorite things in life:
first coffee of the morning / my wacom / hats that fit you well / winter / italian food.
In my defence, I did not include any “things” that are alive in this list like my cats or my wife and family cause these are obvious and also the question clearly says “things”

Hobbies & Interests:
really love discovering new music and musicians. I like flipping through magazines and super-enjoy taking naps.

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