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by Itay Blaish | 29.03.15

I am happy to present a new series of short and fun interviews featuring the most talented Israel based illustrators.
Hope you enjoy it!

Full name: Ori Toor
Age: 32

Originally from Givatayim and lives today in Tel Aviv

Profession: Artist/illustrator/animator of sorts
Current job and position: Newly independent
Education: Shenkar – Illustration

Describe your style in 3 words:
wobbly, psychedelic, free
What is the reason you started illustrating?
When I was a kid I think I saw some documentary about animators on TV and was amazed at how fast they drew really nice things. It felt like a superpower and I wanted to have that ability.
What inspires you?:
trees, plants, rocks, fish, corals, Computer glitches, animals, boring music, wool, lava lamps…
Who inspires you?
Other artists like Jon Burgerman and Jim Woodring, my mom, talking to my friends and my partner.
Preferred technique: Freestyle with a wacom tablet or a pen.

Favourite illustrator/artist: Hayao Miyazaki
Dream Job? I can only do what I can do, but I would love to do it for Adventure Time

Best animated show on TV nowadays: Adventure Time (best show, period).
Best animated movie of all times? tough one, but personally –  Kiki’s Delivery Service
Top 3 Israeli illustrators: In no particular order: Alon Braier, Assaf Benharroch, and I recently discovered Ovadia Benishu and was completely blown away.

Top 5 favorite things in life:
My love, an evening with my friends watching bad movies, morning coffee, pizza, finishing a piece.
Hobbies & Interests:
Walking and listening to podcasts, washing the dishes and listening to podcasts, drawing while listening to podcasts, shaving while listening to podcasts. Also, a weird thing for watching other people play video games on youtube.


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