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by Itay Blaish | 26.02.15

Im happy to share an exhibition i’m taking part of, with lots of other amazing artists from israel, curated and produced by the talented Sarah Peguine and Yaara Sharon.
Yaara and Sarah both live and breath the israeli art scene from different perspectives, and came together in order to create “Fertile Ground” group show and sale.

The exhibition will be presented in collaboration with the “Fertile Ground” renewal project of the Bauhaus building from the 30s at 26 Gordon st, into a fulfilling, joyful and enriching environment. The project answers the growing need for an harmonious and ecological lifestyle/infrastructure in the present urban context.
The building’s unique conservation and development plan aims to integrate social, ecological, cultural and communal values with notions of sustainability and economic prosperity, and to transform it into the first green building for conservation in Tel Aviv.
The project’s vision expresses a new approach in regards to natural resources, which are available on the construction area. An approach looking beyond the land’s real estate value, aiming to restore its original value as soil, a source of life, a springboard for development and growth.

A few weeks before the beginning of the building’s conservation and development process, a group show and special sale will be presented at the venue under the same title, with the participation of 22 artists who are working in different techniques and media (street, prints, illustrations, painting and photography).


* Yaara Sharon spent more than a decade in London, Paris and Beijing gathering experiences ranging from avant-garde theater to officially promoting Israeli culture on behalf of the Israeli embassy in Beijing.  She has also been endorsing, curating and working closely with young and emerging Israeli artists at the forefront of urban and contemporary art in Israel. Yaara currently lives in Tel-Aviv.
** Sarah Peguine is an art and media advisor. She also runs bespoke art tours and is the founder and editor of “Oh-So-Arty” and “Art Galleries In Tel Aviv”, digital platforms dedicated to Israeli contemporary art.
Sarah grew up in Tel Aviv and Brussels and after graduating from the Courtauld institute of Art in London, she returned to Tel Aviv to pursue a career that combines social media and art.


Fertile Ground
Group Show & Sale
Producers: Yaara Sharon & Sarah Peguine
Opening: Thursday, March 5th (Purim eve.), 8 pm
Closing: Saturday, March 28th, 8 pm

Participating artists:

Know Hope, BFC, Pilpeled, Foma, Dioz
Ido Shemi, Work Hard Be Nice, Tom & Gal Melnick- Stolen Goods, Guma, GIDA 1
Geffen Refaeli, Noa Ginzburg, Dar Rotem, Itay Blaish, Tamar Moskovitz (GO-TAM)
Naama Berkovich, Gal Cohen
Orit Pnini, Meital Weinberg Adar, Yoni Passy, Fima Shlick, Yassoo Tessel

The exhibition will present original works and prints alongside fashion accessories designed by the artists, which will all be offered at a wide range of prices.
Additionally, the exhibition’s space will host a number of cultural evenings and talks.

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday 15:00 – 20:00
Friday – Saturday 11:00 – 15:00
And by appointment
26 Gordon st. (former Nelly Aman Gallery), Tel Aviv

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In collaobration with “Fertile Ground”
Sponsor: Maccabi beer

Broken Fingaz
Broken Fingaz



PILPELED- פילפלדPilpeled

Yoni Passy - יוני פזי

Yoni Passy

דר רותם - Dar Rotem

Dar Rotem

נעה גינזבורג- Noa Ginzburg

Noa Ginzburg

פימה שליק - Fima Shlick

Fima Shlick


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