Meet Tom Reznikov

by Anna Kopito | 09.12.14

Tom Reznikov is a 29 year old artist and graphic designer based in Tel Aviv. She graduated in 2011 the Visual Communication Department in Wizo Haifa design Academy.

Tom Reznikov is mostly making digital collages, using photos that she has taken and always trying to add some sort of physical material: water colours, pencils or rapidograph. This way she is neutralising the digital cleanliness, and creates more depth and roughness in the textures. With music in the background, her Macbook has become one of her most important tools when she is working. There will always be a cup of turkish coffee during the working process, or whiskey depending on the hour of day.

Even though she admits she needs a break from the city sometimes, it is her main source of inspiration; the people, the cars, the noises and the constant motion. But what she finds even more interesting is to experience other people in the state of creation.

Tom Reznikov’s collages will be for sale during the Telavivian x La Culture Pop Up Shop and Art Fair (10-12/12). Click here for more details.

תום_רזניקוב-איים-480-קולאז_דיגיטלי-21x30_1 תום_רזניקוב-איים-480-קולאז_דיגיטלי-21x30_9תום_רזניקוב-איים-480-קולאז_דיגיטלי-21x30_7 תום_רזניקוב-איים-480-קולאז_דיגיטלי-21x30_6 תום_רזניקוב-איים-480-קולאז_דיגיטלי-21x30_5 תום_רזניקוב-איים-480-קולאז_דיגיטלי-21x30_4 תום_רזניקוב-איים-480-קולאז_דיגיטלי-21x30_3 תום_רזניקוב-איים-480-קולאז_דיגיטלי-21x30_2 תום_רזניקוב-איים-480-קולאז_דיגיטלי-21x30_1


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