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by Itay Blaish | 21.10.14

Meet is a service for short, online video albums by the talented Itay Niv and Lior Brauer.
Itay and Lior both 28 years old, grew up in Ramat Hasharon, and currently live and work in Tel Aviv. Itay is a designer, a graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design from the department of visual communications. Lior is a software engineer and is starting his Masters in Clinical Psychology.

Itay and Lior say that the project started when Itay came back from a trip with a lot of video footage and didn’t have a place where he could post them online. He didn’t want to edit them into a film – he just wanted to post them as short clips. So he started building his own site to do just that. This is where Lior came into the picture and together they started taking the project more seriously and building more features. “We got a lot of positive feedback, and we realised that there was potential for this thing”.

Now they are focusing on making video albums for weddings and big events, but it could be anything; a weekend trip, a party or just about anything you would like to document with a video album.

Their previous projects:

campfireerezstav022erezstav035 erezstav049 erezstav051 gifed01 gifed4 gifed5 Hupa_187 Hupa_191 Hupa_192 lc_big_004 lc_big_016 lc_big_017 lc_big_019 SUNP0035



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