Nadav Bahar aka Barefoot Balu At the Zimmer

by Itay Blaish | 02.06.14

Nadav Bahar is an artist who focuses mainly on woodworking. Growing up skateboarding in what people call skateboarding’s “salad days,” Bahar’s path towards woodworking took shape at a young age. His interest in this art form began by building ramps for him and his friends – something that would naturally lead him to sculpting.

By meticulously chiseling, shaping and carving reused skateboard decks, Bahar takes these rough, flat materials and transforms them into refined three-dimensional objects. This allows him to create a narrative, both literally and figuratively, by utilising something that once created movement and ended up static and discarded, only to create movement once more in his gestural shapes.

Ranging from the abstract to the concrete, Bahar works to create in correlation with his own understandings, producing artistry that expresses emotional states alongside fantastical imagery. Due to this correlation, his work can be seen as an extension – an homage – to the culture he comes from, as well as a documentation of the process of transformation at large.

Bahar is exhibiting his first solo exhibition at the Zimmer’s Gallery on June 5th
Hagdud Haivri 5, Tel Aviv []

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The Zimmer is a cooperative cultural center that aims to establish a relationship between one’s involvement in art and the founding of a new citizenship – one that is tolerant and generous. As a non-profit organization, numerous volunteers carry out the Zimmer’s mission, in a tactic to compel initiative and action taking. The center makes the necessary resources and commodities to create accessible to artists and the general public. This includes those with no means of creating, the underprivileged, the talented, the young and the rejected.

zimmertlv from Zimmer 1May on Vimeo.

The Zimmer started as a home for such experiments six years ago. Over the years, it grew and was able to expand its facilities thanks to the work and good will of those who invest in and benefit from the center.

The Zimmer also runs a non-profit gallery space, in which different projects, workshops and exhibitions of visual art take place on a monthly basis. The gallery is accompanied by a self-sufficient printing workshop and studio; a one of a kind place in Tel Aviv, that can and is willing to provide a service for the creative public using a Risograph Machine.

More of the Zimmer’s activities include theme-oriented festivals, such as the Tape, the Audio/Visual, the Non-Instrument and the “Nanodance Microfest.” Participants taking part in the festivals stretch and explore the boundaries of creation and performance under given obstructions. The space is also a venue for a wide spectrum of performances such as poetry readings and musical acoustics including Rock ‘n Roll, Punk Rock, Noise, Electronics and Electro-Acoustics.

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