Happy Birthday Tel Aviv by Avner Gicelter

by Itay Blaish | 13.04.14

This week, Tel Aviv aka The White City is celebrating its 105th birthday.
For this lovely occasion, I asked Avner Gicelter, local graphic designer and  TLV Buildings blog Illustrator to make a few new illustrations for Telavivian.

Avner is a 28 years old graphic designer, from Tel Aviv-Yafo, born and raised. He studied Visual Communications at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

Today Avner is an UX designer for a startup company in Herzeliya and in his spare time working on the TLV Buildings blog and some other design projects.

I asked Avner to tell me more about his work:

Avner: During my childhood and adult life, I was always surrounded and fascinated by the local architecture style. This curiosity became an obsession when my partner and I were looking for an apartment to live in. At some point I got more interested in the outer facade of the buildings rather in the apartment we were looking for. When I saw the blog ‘Windows of New York’ I got inspired by the simplistic way the designer, José Guízar, decided to show his favourite windows, and wanted to use this simple yet very honourable way of design to show my love for my hometown and its most beautiful buildings.

This current post is a special tribute for three famous and influential buildings of Tel Aviv, who are no longer with us, and on this time of the year (Tel Aviv’s 105th birthday) in my opinion it’s nice to learn about the city’s history.

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Mugrabi (top):
Tel Aviv’s most famous cinema during its time from 1930 to 1989 and was known to be one of the city’s cultural centers.

Galei Aviv Casino was built on Tel Aviv’s sea shore and was working mainly as a restaurant. In 1936 after a few years of storms and high maintenance problems, the place was shut down.

Herzliya-Hebrew-Gymnasium (1)
The Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium was built in 1905 and was Tel Aviv’s most famous education institute. In 1962 after the demolition of the building, construction of the city’s first skyscraper ‘Meir Tower’ had started.


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