FEED/ME Pop-Up Exhibition

by Itay Blaish | 07.04.14

I would like to invite you to try something new and to join an experiment of two amazingly creative people. The producer (and our Telavivian) David Pearl and designer Ohad Benit will try to give us a new perspective about art events.

Pop_Up Exhibition
How much does an idea cost?


“Hashmalit”, 33 Ha’Hashmal St. TLV

In our days where the world is so full of design, it is rare to see some thrilling design that each and one of us would like to own.

Ohed Benit, 35, graduate of the inclusive industrial design course of ‘Hadassah’  Academic college Jerusalem and a lecturer at the industrial design department in  ‘Avni Institute for Arts and Design’, is the designer behind ‘Mishmaacool- undesigner’ studio which deals with the border line of art & design and debates between these two approaches by creating designed items for the everyday use using special materials and different made-by-hand techniques with a special and quite opposing pricing method.

In this first of a kind pop-up exhibition, “FEED ME”, which will last for 3 days, Ohad will present his works including light sources, spoons, plates, chest of drawers and many other designs.
Ohad will reveal in front of the visitors and buyers the prices of the raw materials of the products and will present how he believes it is possible to make these one-of-a-kind hand-made products to a controlled and limited edition mass production products.
This unique pricing method will allow the buyers to see the pricing of the raw materials, hours of work and other expanses summed in a kind of a specified menu that will allow them to ask themselves “how much does the idea cost?”

Each costumer will be able to buy the products according to his\her ideology and by the scale of pricing the ideas and designs. This method is creating a communication between the artist and costumer while raising challenging questions about design, art and concept. After this personal process of each buyer (discomfort situations comes with interesting questions) can purchase himself an exciting item in the price he is placing as long as it is no less than the prices of the raw matirials, as an answer to the question: “how much does an idea cost?”

The pop-up exhibition, “FEED ME”, will last for 3 days at the new and intriguing space – “Chashmalit” (Ha’Chashmal St. 33, Tel Aviv) and the shopping expirience will include music, drinks, food and art and will be open to everybody.

10.04 – Thursday – 20:00-23:00 | OPENING |FEAT. DJ BIZAWE
11.04 – Friday – 10:00-17:00

The producer of the exhibition is David Pearl who usually is known for the musical aspect and Tel Aviv night life as the producer of the performances evenings “Shpagat Live” and “Cover Me” events, “It’s Britney Bitch” parties and as well as the writer of the music blog “Pearls” as part of the culture blog “TELAVIVIAN”.

In this exhibition he will join all of his loves – Music, art and design, into one full and thrilling event that will expose Ohad’s amazing designs alongside his unique selling method. The connection between David and Ohad started following one of Ohad’s designed lamps which David found through Instagram and contacted Ohad in order to buy himself the lamp. Ohad revealed to David his pricing method which created interesting questions and raised issues about design and idea and brought up this cooperation between them.

“Chashmalit” (Ha’Chashmal 33, Tel-Aviv) is a multi-functional space that combines artistic events and multidisciplinary events and functions as a working space for artists which located in the very heart of Tel-Aviv.




Photo by David Pearl Photo by Itay Benit (16) Photo by Itay Benit (17)

Photo by Itay Benit (18) Photo by Itay Benit (19) Photo by Itay Benit2 Photo by Itay Benit4 Photo by Itay Benit7 Photo by Itay Benit9 Photo by Itay Benit10 Photo by Itay Benit11 Photo by Ohad Benit (2) Photo by Ohad Benit


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