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by Itay Blaish | 19.01.14

As I was working on the last exhibition I curated, a friend suggested I become familiar with USHKI. Quickly after viewing their website I contacted them and we met for a good cup of turkish coffee at their studio.

The thing I love the most in USHKI is that they create smart and complex designs using graphic lines and simple materials.

It was refreshing to meet two young designers who have no big ego, just big talent.

Meet USHKI Studio

Lena Krasnovsky and Talia Janover both met and graduated from the architecture program at the Neri Bloomfield School of Design and Education, Haifa (2010), where they now teach. They initiated their joint studio in 2010 at the Carpenters District of Tel Aviv and are now members of the ‘Hamehuga’ group of Designers and Artists. Coming from architectural backgrounds to design and often working with other artists and designers, their creative dialogue strives to be a broad, multidisciplinary one.

Together, their work crosses various fields including furniture, hand-made objects, Art, Installations, Interior Design and Conceptual Design. Their perspective begins with what’s available around them such as the local materials, processes and industry craftsman. By creating design inspired from their own environment, the end product results in objects that combine traditional and innovative design.

‘The Pl(a)ywood collection’ is comprised of two bar stools, a low stool, and two kinds of lighting objects. The collection is all based on birch plywood and layers of coloured paper. The layered wood and paper are pressed together to create a new combination of materials. The ‘play’ of density and gaps between the layered paper create a new playground to be examined by the collection. Through cutting in half, adding and subtracting mass and using an outline – the collection was created.




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