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by Itay Blaish | 11.12.13

At some point in their careers, many Israeli fashion designers reference their work to traditional Jewish clothing. To be honest, it can be quite repetitive and boring, but when I came across Eliran Ashraf’s new collection, I finally felt enlightened.

Eliran Ashraf, currently living in Geneva, Switzerland, is a graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design who specialized in the technology of knitting and textile for fashion. His new collection is conceptual, but still wearable, men’s clothing collection with amazing details and vision.

I had the opportunity to ask Eliran a few questions:

In in a few words, tell me about your spring 2014 collection and the inspiration behind it? 

Eliran: The title of the spring 2014 collection is Under/Construction. The inspiration behind it is based on a mash-up between the language of traditional Jewish Yemenite embroidery and the contributions of modern urban architecture. It marks the influences of graphic motives and grid aesthetics and a postmodern way of thinking at the same time. It’s homage to my Yemenite roots.

One of my strongest memories of my grandmother was her authentic embroidered Yemenite pants she used to wear underneath her skirt. Research on the piece showed a unique resemblance to the architecture and colors found in Yemenite cities, like a textile reflection of the culture.

Now I am curious, can you tell me more about the textiles?

Eliran: Being a textile designer, I produced all the fabrics that were used for this collection, using mixed techniques; industrial knitting and digital printing, alongside more traditional techniques as screen-printing, hand dyeing and embroidery. It was made mostly of natural materials, such as cotton, viscose and linen.

Can you describe the person who will be wearing your clothes? 

Eliran: I think my goal is to create an atmosphere, make a statement, tell a story, and express and idea. I did not have a specific person in mind, but if I had to choose I would aim it at the gender-bending type, self-assured with a playful soul.


Who are you as a designer?

Eliran: I see myself as a researcher. What motivates me the most is asking questions and learning about one society to the next and the advantages of cultural exchange, our roots vs. present. I like to explore new methods and technologies, but at the same time, include a crafty hand-made touch.

The collection was shot by a friend and collaborator, photographer Elad David, with model Ben Elbert and grooming by Bar Muller. Visit Eliran Ashraf’s website for more details. 


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