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by Itay Blaish | 21.11.13

One of the privileges of working in the Art and Design industry in Tel Aviv, is the option to meet young and promising people before everyone else. And even from such a big group of talented people, there are those that stands out – meet Eliran Nargassi.

Eliran Nargassi is a Tel Aviv based menswear designer. The attached catalogue for A/W 2013-2014 is his second collection. Eliran Nargassi established his brand earlier this year in purpose of taking part in the revival of men’s fashion in Israel and to provide an innovative fashion with a personal statement which is mostly reflected in the small details of the garments. The design is usually clean and minimalistic, with a use of contrasts and graphic cuts. Eliran also aim that garments will be wearable, functional and with a personal statement, but the commercial value is not a priority.

Black White and Pink
Eliran Nargassi Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 collection was inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe’s series of black and white photographs, Ken, Lydia and Tyler circa 1985, which deals with nudity in reference to gender, race, and sexual orientation. The collection was designed in spirit of Mapplethorpe’s photographs with attention to points of contradiction such as black and white, soft and rigid, and masculine – feminine role play which are evident in his work. The collection consists of 18 pieces which include of a variety of semi-tailored tops and jackets, button down shirts, and tailored trousers. All of which carry elements from the season’s inspiration and are true to the Eliran Nargassi design aesthetic.


Photographer: Miguel Mor
Model: Barak Friedman for MC2 Tel-Aviv
Makeup Artist: Yuval Snir
Hair Stylist: Merav Tovali
Shoes: ARAMA by Oded Arama

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