KLONE’s Paper boats by Eldad Carin

by Itay Blaish | 30.10.13

Klone Yourself, or Klone as we call him, is one of my favourite artists in Israel. Commonly known as a “street artist”, I consider Klone to be an “artist” as it’ s much more deserving. His art is romantic, not like the typical spray or paper street art you generally see.

The photo shoot of this project was brought to me by the photographer Eldad Carin.
Eldad is currently an independent photographer, specializing in fine art, portrait, fashion and commercial photography.

Klone describes the project:

“The paper boats entered my work two and half years ago, just after the disaster in Japan. It was shocking that this could happen to such a place, a kind of eye opener on how something can be both promising but also very fragile at the same time. Those boats traveled through my paintings and installations over the past years, and continue to pop in here and there sometimes. Nowadays they still come to show the fragility of our life and everything we build and trust so much upon.”

“As for the specific location, I’ve been looking at a certain part of the Ayalon river for a couple of years now, passing there at least once a week on the way from my grandparents place in Ramat Gan back to Tel Aviv. Eventually, I found the right shot and perfect timing, it was like the boats and I were meant to be there, all at the same time. For the work to be completed, the river needs to be filled with the winter rains to allow for the boats to float along, and for that we will just have to wait and see.”

I also had the opportunity to ask Eldad Carin what this project means to him:

“Well, accompanying Klone in his work process has been one of my goals for several years. In the last decade or so, I was constantly surrounded by Klone’s creations, discovering them time and time again just by walking along Tel Aviv’s streets. Many times these creations have found my eyes whilst, and already being in a certain emotional state, they invoked further thoughts and feelings. I found myself sensing and believing that I am a direct target of Klone’s creations, and was thankful and curious as to how he knew what streets I’d be walking down to see his murals. His impact on my urban existence, led me to wish to walk with Klone sometime and see him at work, when the magic happens. I wanted to use my own perspective to perpetuate such a rare and beautiful creation process, unadulterated by the art industry, and soon to be presented to hundred of thousands of city dwellers”.

Klone is opening a solo exhibition at the Zimmer on October 31. There will also be a live performance by Schtroinin. Check out the Facebook event for more details. The exhibition will be open for visitors during October 31 – November 23. Opening hours: Sunday 16:00 – 18:00, Thursday 20:00 – 22:00, Saturday 12:00 – 15:00.


























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