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by Itay Blaish | 16.10.13

There is something so refreshing about discovering a familiar product enclosed in new “packaging”. It always makes me see it in a new light.

AlefAlefAlef, a Hebrew typeface company, has done just that, with the launch of its new approach for marketing their fonts. Because fonts are usually tagged at the bottom of the “Glam Scale” in graphic design, mostly because they are strictly functional and necessary, Alefalefalef has launched their campaign with big celebration of typographic poster, videos and fun merchandise.

The featured font, “Spectrum AAA”, was designed in collaboration with one of the most talented designers I know, Roy Sturdy. It’s a modular system of 10 fonts that can be layered in different ways to create endless variations of symbols and letters. With all of the color combinations and font variations, the possibilities to create different looks are endless.

The initial idea was to create a layered Hebrew font possible to produce many different variations and looks, since layered Hebrew fonts are not common. The design process started about eight months ago, with inspirations from old Hebrew headlines and signs. Spectrum is intended for use in all the popular graphic design programs. It is a perfect font to be used in headers, logos, posters, packaging and any other graphic media enabling layering such as laser cut, signs, stickers and more.

As it was important that the fans be apart of the process, AlefAlefAlef turned to their Facebook followers to develop an appealing name for the new typeface. After a few weeks and hundred of comments, AlefAlefAlef and Roy chose the name Spectrum, a fun name with a cool and colourful representation of the font’s richness and diversity. The name was then integrated into the video teaser created to advertise the font.

Spectrum AAA / ספקטרום אאא from Roy Sturdy on Vimeo.

The font is officially released in 2 weeks, but you can get it now for a special price plus cool goodies in a limited pre-sale at

Spectrum01spectrum-poster2 Spectrum02 Spectrum03 Spectrum04 Spectrum05 Spectrum06 spectrum07


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