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by Itay Blaish | 10.09.13

Sometimes, it’s all about the technique and the personal touch to get me really excited about art or design.

Igor Tepikin decided one day to draw everyone on the planet in his own way. The first things I noticed in Igor’s pen/pencil drawing were the lines and light, something about his sensitivity to light. His delicacy made me feel that all of the faces I see in his portraits are of the celestial and the sublime. Even though no one can really draw everyone on the planet, Igor’s crazy idea and technique was enough to get me curious and ask him a few questions:

So, your main goal is to draw everyone on the planet?
Igor: It’s was something my teacher offered me when I had no ideas for my graduation project. He said to me “what if you decide to draw all the people in Tel Aviv?” Eventually it was not what my project was about, but this thought got stuck with me since then. Until today I’m still trying to figure out how I actually gonna do it.

Can you tell me more about you this project? because it seems like you are drawing, not just your friends, also musicians.
Igor: This project is a combination of drawings of my friends and people I find interesting. Some of them l don’t even know, but would love to meet. It’s a nice way to meet new people. Actually it’s two different series from the same project, The musicians series is more about me paying respect to music and the artists I love. For me, music is an essential part of life, as I can enjoy it in its most pure form, without hard feelings. I lack any music talent, but drawing them is the only way for me to contribute and be a part of this world. My final goal is really to draw everyone on the planet, so I would have to include them anyway in the future.

What inspire you the most?
Igor: Music, obviously. Beautiful and talented people inspires me too. Usually I rather not look at art or graphic design, because it’s bringing me down. But once in a while there is a painting or a poster that makes me stop whatever I’m doing at the moment, and go home to draw.


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