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by Itay Blaish | 01.09.13

As I posted a month ago, Insight (Australia) with the help of La-Culture (Israel) have been looking for the next Insight Garage artist from Israel.

After an amazing exhibition and live shows, we have one happy winner that is going to make a capsule collection for Insight. The winner of the competition is Eli A. Troinin. After the exhibition, I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

Hello Eli, first, congrats for winning the Insight Garage Artist competition. How does it feel?

Eli: Thank you, I am feeling very flattered. When entering the contest, I wasn’t thinking about whether I’m gonna win or not. I was doing it just for the sake of creating some new stuff and I’ve learned some new things in the process. It feels like I have accomplished something really cool.

Can you tell me more about your work?

Eli: I am trying to express myself in as many media as possible and yet stay consistent in style. I am seeing my art as a form of communication that helps me express things that I can’t articulate verbally. I am drawing and painting tiny things on paper or huge things on walls. I am experimenting in video and in noise, in physical objects, installations and digital graphics. The experiences I gain from each type of creative action, when being processed through the same mind, feedback into a growing stock of references and associations, and as a whole create a style.

What inspires you?

Eli: Awkwardness, darkness, symbolism, tiny moments off bliss and whatever is mysterious and enigmatic.

What defines your art?

Eli: My art is dark and comic. Some times the combination is absurd. I usually know that a piece is good if it makes me laugh, or if it makes me ask myself “what the hell am I doing?!” I try to keep my lines and compositions very graphic because the narrative is already bizarre enough.

Where did you study?

Eli: I studied graphic design at Holon Academic Institute of Technology. I was supposed to graduate in 2012. They let me do the final project while I had five failed classes, and I never went back. I don’t care much about it, cause I’m already working as a designer in “Studio Shedon”. Eventually it’s the experience that matters. The final project ended up being great though. It was a movie that I shot with local graffiti crew “Style Must Die”.

How is it to be an artist in Tel Aviv?

Eli: As an artist or as the person that I am, I can’t see myself living in any other city in Israel. Tel Aviv has a lot of cultural influence from other cities around the world. But it is also very unique, because all the small different scenes that sprout here tend to overlap. Sometimes you might get fed up with knowing everybody around you, so you have to get out like once in a year and come back fresh. Overall it’s a safe and comfy city to live in, if you put aside the rent prices for a sec. Also, the walls here are easy to paint and the streets are fun to ride on a fixed gear.

Anything you want to add?

Eli: I have an exhibition running with my close friend, the talented artist Zero Cents. It’s a two men show called “Friendly Filth”. You can find it in a magical space that we have on 5 Hagdud Haivri Street. It’s going be up until September 7, so hurry up if you haven’t seen it yet.

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