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by Itay Blaish | 15.07.13

As a curator and a graphic designer, I’m always looking for brave, ambitious and young designers that truly walk that thin line between graphic design and pure art.

Maya Cohen is one of those designers. She bravely designed and self published a book with only five copies. Just the idea of designing a book with such a small amount of copies made me ask myself: “Is it a book, a piece of fine art or maybe a diary?” After been dwelling on the subject I decided that I don’t need an answer, and that the questions themselves are the main reasons that I’m enjoying this “book”.

Maya ( b.1985, Tel Aviv ) is a Madrid based independent designer, specializing in photography, book making, branding and illustration. Maya studied Graphic Design at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, majoring in typography.

Apart from her commissioned work, she is also holding a self publishing label named “mooooon publishing” with her partner – the Spanish graphic designer and curator – Roberto Vidal. mooooon publishing is an alternative publishing house which produce zines and catalogues for young artists and designers.

Tell me about yourself and your work.

Maya: Since I’m living abroad I have found myself redefining my personal space and rethinking of the terms of distance and time.

I don’t carry an European passport, which makes my stay always depend on the type of visa I’m getting. Every once in a while, I need to find a different solution solving “The Time Issue”.

This type of living creates, in one hand, the amazing feeling of victory by living in both places, beating
distance, and using time. On the other hand, it creates also the lonely feeling of not living in any of the places, and the awareness to the terms of days, weeks and miles.

Can you tell us more about the publication “News From Nowhere” ?

Maya: News From Nowhere is a personal hand made mutant publication, that captures the mixed feelings and thoughts about the the state of being between two places, physically and mentally.

In a way, News From Nowhere is a travel/journey diary, containing personal
thoughts about time, distance and longing.

Publication Objectives:

News From Nowhere
First edition of five copies
Technique: Letter press, Xerox prints and Silver ink


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  1. 01 Larry Rockelo

    One of the most beautiful and most special works I have seen in a very long time. Congratulations Maya. Is it possible to order a physical copy?.

  2. 02 Charlotte



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