Insight Garage Artist Israel 2013

by Itay Blaish | 30.06.13

La Culture‭, ‬the affordable art exhibition project in Tel Aviv has teamed up with Insight‭, ‬the Australian fashion brand‭.‬

On the August 30, Insight will launch their ongoing project‭ “‬Garage Artists‭”, ‬in collaboration with La Culture‭. ‬Garage Artists is a t-shirt prints collection by new innovative urban artists from all around the world‭. The launch event will take place at the Barby‭ in ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬and will feature live music‭, ‬art performance and a La Culture‭ ‬Exhibition with the main goal of finding the next Garage Artist from Israel‭.‬

I was asked to design the “Call for submissions” and showcase the collaboration between Insight and La Culture‭. Since the Garage Artist project is very‭ grungy‭ ‬and handmade‭, ‬I felt that the right thing would be to do the same‭. Sometimes‭ ‬you just have to design things the old school way‭.‬

‭* ‬The call for artists is open to everyone‭ -> ‬For submissions‭ ‬and‭ ‬more information‭ -> ‬‭ *‬

Designed by Insight and Itay Blaish [2013]


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