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by Itay Blaish | 19.06.13

Any good designer has his own thing. His own inspirational reservoir or technique that he is well known for, which serves as his “trademark”.
To name a few – the technological pleating of Issey Miyake or the grungy “Anti-Swiss” graphics of David Carson, among others.

In other words, Branding. And to be exact – Personal Branding, not to be confused with Commercial Branding.

When a graphic designer sits down with a new client, the first topic of conversation is usually that of identity.
Obviously, the first issue a designer needs to sort out with his client: who are you? what do you want to say? and who is your audience?

On the other hand, artists enjoy a wider area to “play” with when it comes to branding themselves. In most cases, it is more an issue of intuition.

For myself, it has always been a strange-yet-familiar combination of tribal art and technology.
I believe that technology became more than just a practical tool for its users. According to my own personal perception, technology also holds tribal attributes, both mentally as well as visually.

The most obvious of examples is that of Apple. Apple’s graphic language remains simple, white and celestial.

Each time a costumer opens an Apple product package, a ritual is taking place.
Any Apple product is wrapped beautifully and is always placed on a small custom made piece of Styrofoam or plastic that in effect resembles an altar.


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